Discover the benefits of our non-invasive fat reduction procedure

There are many fat reduction treatments available, but you should try a non-surgical option first. That's because our non-invasive fat reduction treatment:

  • Has minimal side effects
  • Requires little to no downtime
  • Doesn't include general anesthesia or incisions
The results will also show gradually, so you can be discreet about your treatment if you want. Get a free estimate for our non-surgical fat reduction treatment today.

Star T-Shock Treatments

Our massage therapists offer Star T-Shock Treatments in Killeen, TX

Pricing/Sessions for Star T-Shock Treatments

  • STAR-T-Shock Facial/Neck/Décolleté 1 Treatment: $150
  • STAR-T-Shock Facial/Neck/Décolleté 5 Treatment: $725
  • STAR-T-Shock Fat Freezing/Cellulite 1 Treatment: $350
  • STAR-T-Shock Fat Freezing/Cellulite 5 Treatments: $1500
  • STAR-T-Shock Fat/Freezing/Cellulite 10 Treatments: $2500
  • STAR-T-Shock Toning/Tightening 1 Treatment: $250
  • STAR-T-Shock Toning/Tightening 5 Treatments: $1199
  • STAR-T-Shock Toning/Tightening 10 Treatments: $2100