Hand-crafted SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools blend the deeply relaxing warmth of Hot Stone Massage with the health benefits of Therapeutic bodywork. The receiver experience a whole new dimension of relaxation... A Massage unlike any other, and the "SYNERGISTIC" benefits of Soothing Warmth, Custom Pressure and Advanced Massage Techniques.

A "SYNERGY" of Form and Function, these hand-crafted stone tools are the result of years of reseach and hands-on testing to create the most versatile, controllable and customizable massage tools available.

Synergy stone

With the use of smooth, heated Synergy stones, a profound relaxation is achieved to help warm up the muscles, allowing for a deeper massage. Soothing, lasting heat energy radiates from the Synergy Stones into skin, muscles, and deeper fascia with a calming yet healing effect. The flowing design of these special stones hugs the body as it glides easily over and around every region, coaxing your body into a deeper state of relaxation. Think of physically melting away tension and sedating your nervous system as the heat from the Synergy Stones soothes the millions of pressure, motion, and temperature receptors in your skin

What makes Synergy Stones different from other hot stones?

Synergy Stones are handcrafted from natural stoneware versus the traditional stones made of flat basalt, a type of volcanic rock. Synergy Stones are shaped to easily move around the natural curves and body structures of the body, and become an extension of the natural structures of the therapist's hands, wrists, forearms and elbows. Synergy Stones also heat more evenly and hold that heat longer than traditional stones.